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Hashtagging: another one of those buzzwords us digital media marketers cannot stop talking about. It may sound like a fad, and it may even BE a fad, but it is still worth knowing what hashtagging is, and how it can be used to promote your business.

Twitter is the birthplace of the hashtag as we know and see it today. The “#” symbol is used to highlight or mark keywords in your tweet. Originally meant to help Twitter users categorize tweets to better organize AND search for specific topics, the hashtag has now taken on several forms, but more on that later.

In theory, users implement the “#” symbol before a specific keyword and that keyword then becomes searchable. Let’s say you were booking a trip to Maui. If you searched for any tweets with #Maui you would find anyone on Twitter talking about that topic. People find this especially helpful during current news and cultural events because you can find information in real time, and the trend is growing. NBC News reports a new phenomenon called Hashtag Activism, during troubling events like the protests in Ferguson. People took to Twitter using the hashtag #Ferguson to report what was happening in real time. The result was real, unfiltered reports from actual people at that time.

So, as much as it may seem like a fad, hashtagging has taken on many roles and serves many purposes. But what does this mean for your business? Let’s look at some real ways you can use hashtagging for your business.


Hashtag Your Industry

Are you an interior designer? Use hashtags in your tweets relevant to that arena. Think about what actual people are ACTUALLY searching. Example: #InteriorDesign #DesignTips #RemodelingTips #DIY

Start with a search of your own to see what people are tweeting about in your field and start tweeting about the same things with appropriate hashtags.


Hashtag Your Location

If you own a restaurant or a design company, location matters. Start tagging your tweets with your specific location. Examples: #EatNashville #LocalRestaurants #NashvilleRestaurants

Again, find what people are searching for and tweeting about in your area and align your tweets with those specific locations.



Don’t forget to have fun. If you have spent any time on Twitter you have probably noticed that hashtags have taken on many forms. From the verbose #ReasonsIDontHaveAnyMoney to the silly #FiveWaysToRuinAFirstDate people are having fun on Twitter. Don’t be afraid to participate. Remember, keep it clean, keep it relevant but still have fun with your tweets.

As hashtagging continues to grow, social media websites like Facebook and Pinterest are starting to employ the use of this search tool as well. Discover what people are hashtagging in your industry and your area by doing a simple search. Next, find your voice to determine how you can use hashtagging to promote your business. For more information on how you can boost your digital presence, contact Vertical Web for a consultation today.