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Your Website Is Annoying

Three Things To Update TODAY

If you are working with a web development/marketing agency or already have a solid presence online than you understand the purpose of a website: inform, intrigue and eventually convert. In normal speak, you want your viewers to be able to find you, think you’re smart and interesting and call or email you to find out more about you. Kind of like a first date. Simple is good, but some websites are still a bit out of touch, and out of hand. The last thing you want to do is alienate or annoy your visitors, so here are some easy things you can do to update your website today:

  1. Please Stop The Music

We know it has happened to you. You visit a website and all of a sudden you think, “Hmmm, that’s weird, am I hearing music?” You look suspiciously at the dog, who is looking suspiciously at you. Then suddenly you realize you ARE hearing music and it is coming from the website you are viewing. An even more annoying scenario happens when you view a website and are BLASTED with an annoying musak version of that pop song you can’t stand. Having an automatic music player on your website is intrusive and assumes your customer WANTS to hear it. Don’t annoy or distract your website viewers. Remove the music player and let everyone enjoy music when and how they choose.

  1. What Do You Want From Me?

Few things are worse than a website without a call to action. It is confusing and quite frankly makes no sense. You want your website to steer your potential customers in a certain direction. Do you want them to write an email? Pick up the phone and call? If you don’t know what you want your customers to do, then they certainly won’t know. Make calls to action clear and visible on every page of your website.

  1. Pop-Up Chat Boxes

This one really irks us because, again, it assumes you know what your wants more than they do. It’s like the live version of a pop-up ad, except there’s the added awkwardness of a live person being on the receiving end. Don’t put that kind of pressure on your website viewers. Be available for your customers via phone and email – don’t pop up in their browser window unexpectedly and unannounced. It’s rude and unprofessional.

Other Ways Your Website May Be Outdated

  • Neon colored font on a black background
  • Unsecure shopping cart functionality
  • Dozens of pages of repetitive content

You want your website to attract and intrigue, so if you suspect an element of your website or marketing strategy may be assumptive or outdated, it probably is. Use modern marketing techniques like webinars that allow viewers to opt-in if they want to learn more about your company and your industry. Stay up to date on the latest web trends by consulting with a professional digital marketing agency. Together you can combine your business goals with attractive, functional web design meant to convert your website viewers into paying, returning customers. Contact Vertical Web Digital Marketing Agency for a consultation today.