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A Brief Guide Looking At Why Your Conversions May Be Failing

It’s better to have converted and lost than to never have converted at all, am I right? Once you feel your marketing conversion strategy succeed, it’s difficult and frustrating to see it start to slip. What’s going wrong? Why isn’t your marketing strategy working? How can you fix it? Here’s a look at some possible (and likely) reasons why your online conversion strategy may be failing:

  1. You’re Coming On To Strong

If you feel like you’re forcing your product down the throats of your customers, you probably are. Your website and marketing materials should feel strong and confident, but they should also feel natural. Take a close look at your website and with an editing eye eliminate things that could be alienating your clientele. Look at things like:

  • Music playing on your website
  • More than one call to action per page
  • Pushy sales tactics
  • Forcing web forms on web viewers

Remember, engaging in your content and product information should be an “opt-in” for clients. In other words, they shouldn’t feel bombarded with requests to fill out web forms and solicitations.

  1. You’re Not Measuring Effectively

Before you overhaul you entire marketing strategy, make sure you’re measuring your conversions accurately. Is anything slipping through the cracks? Is your data in real time or is it outdated? Invest in reliable software like Hubspot Analytics to make sure your information is accurate and timely. In many cases, your conversion statistic slippage (that’s a technical term) is just a matter of tracking it more effectively.

  1. You Aren’t Mobile Friendly

It’s 2015. If your website isn’t mobile friendly you’re missing out on the majority of your sales opportunities. According to Forbes, 90% of mobile Internet searches led to action and 50% of those led to SALES. That’s a statistic you can’t afford to ignore. If your website isn’t mobile friendly you need to make that a priority immediately.

Additional Ways Your Conversions May Be Slipping

  • Outdated website
  • Non-secure shopping cart technology
  • Your call to action is unclear
  • You’re giving your viewers too many choices

A lot of the time, conversion success comes down to focus. Hone in on what you do best and offer that at the forefront of your marketing efforts. Remember, your goal is never to overwhelm your audience, but rather to engage and educate them. You want them to contact you and find out more, instead of learning about every facet of your business through your website. In other words, don’t give it all up on the first date.

Work with your Nashville online marketing professionals (don’t have any? Contact us today) to hone in on your business goals, mobilize your website and accurately measure your conversions. By focusing your online marketing goals you can improve and eventually increase conversions.