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#1 Product Videos

If your marketing strategy is starting to feel flat, you may want to consider alternate ways to promote your products and business. Product videos are a great way to provide an exciting and unexpected vehicle for your potential customers. Let’s take a closer look at why videos are beneficial to your business.

Videos Are Unavoidable

Over 6 billion hours of video are watched every month via YouTube, and all those videos aren’t just about cats. People use YouTube to look up tutorials on how to change their brake pads, and information about products they’ve never used. Upload product reviews or tutorials to YouTube, embed them to your website and promote them via Twitter and Facebook for an online presence that can’t be ignored.

Videos Are Fun

People are watching videos online. That’s just a simple fact. More than long-form articles, lengthy web content and podcasts people are tuning into videos to get the information they need quickly and in a format that’s interesting and eye-catching. Take advantage of this trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

A Product Video Is An SEO Gold Mine

Videos are inherently shareable, which makes them one of your best SEO tools. Count how many times have you seen a great video, shared it on Facebook only to have at least ten of your friends like it and/or share it on their own. That could be YOUR content being shared.

What’s more, videos have a lower bounce rate. In other words, once people start watching a video, they are less likely to click away from the video than they are a long-form article. When people stay on your website longer, and share what they see, that is SEO gold, and it’s exactly what you should be doing.

The benefits to having product videos, reviews and tutorials are countless when it comes to a fresh, new marketing strategy. However, it’s important your videos are done well, or they won’t be appreciated by the masses. If you’re considering a video marketing strategy, make sure your videos include the following:

  • High quality video. You may want to hire a professional video company.
  • Proper formats. Your videos should be compatible with every device (including mobile)
  • Easily shared format. Your customers shouldn’t have to download anything to watch your videos. Make sure your videos are easy to watch and easy to share.

It’s 2015, and we’d love to help with your new marketing strategy. If you’re thinking about freshening up your Nashville internet marketing strategy, think about whether product videos are the right choice for you.