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A look at a widely used sales approach for your website and online marketing strategy.

The sales funnel is a popular graphic often used to describe the sales process. In online marketing and website execution, the sales funnel graphic is helpful to pinpoint each stage of customer interaction, and how a business can make the most out of each stage in order to turn an interested website viewer into a loyal customer. Let’s take a look at each stage of the sales funnel and how it applies to your website.

#1 Opportunity/Lead

The top of the funnel, or the biggest part of the funnel is where opportunity happens. This is where a customer views your website or sees your logo for the first time. We call this an opportunity because this is your first impression encounter, where you have an instant to show your website viewers exactly the type of company you are. It’s here that your website and logo should work together so in a moment each visitor knows what you do and how you do it. Contact forms and opportunities to sign up and learn more should be available to your website viewers here.

#2 Connection

Years ago, many business would call this the “cold-calling” phase where you would pick up the phone and call anyone who expressed interest in your business. Now we have less intrusive ways of doing so. If you’ve made contact forms available, this is where you can send a follow-up email or newsletter to thank customers for learning more.

#3 – Follow Up

The funnel begins to get smaller here, so it’s important to make the most of every opportunity. In many cases, customers don’t buy right away, so non-aggressively follow-up with potential customers to make sure they don’t have any questions or to offer incentives like special discounts on your products or services.

#4 – Conversion/Sale

Hopefully your potential lead has made the commitment to purchase your service or product. This stage is the most important for several reasons; the most obvious being this is where you get paid for your product! This stage is also important because if you fail to deliver at this stage, the likelihood of you regaining this specific lead is decreased significantly. In other words, blow it now and you probably won’t recover. Make it easy AND safe for your customer to purchase your products and be sure to deliver them in a timely manner that works for your customer.

Voila! Take advantage of the sales funnel process and make every stage an opportunity to not only increase business but to also showcase how great your company is. If you execute the sales funnel well your customers will return and refer more business your way.

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