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At Vertical Web, we’re passionate about creating you a beautiful website that tells your story properly. Beyond that, we understand that a website is just a pretty picture until it converts. In previous posts, we’ve talked about what a conversion is and why conversions are so important to your digital marketing strategy. But exactly HOW do you convert? Here are Eight Ways To Increase Conversions TODAY:

#1 Pump Up Your Analytics

Sit down and analyze your Google Analytics (you ARE using Google Analytics, right?) to determine when people are visiting your website, which pages they are viewing and whether or not they’re coming back for more. Once you understand how people are using your website you can better understand how to turn those people into customers.

#2 Offer Something

People require incentives, especially to buy something. Offer a discount for new customers or a free item for signing up for your newsletter. Get them hooked with the value of your business.

#3 Run A Test

If you’re deciding between two blog headlines, run an A/B test to discover which headline converts more people. Also run tests on your page layout and navigation, as well as your blog length and layout. Figure out what works and what doesn’t.

#4 Define Your Value

What is the value of your product or service? Get down and dirty to examine why people should care about your business. Once you understand the value, communicate it in a compelling way so your customers understand it too.

#5 Call To Action

If your customers don’t understand where to find out more information, or how to buy your products, then they’ve missed the point and you’ve missed an opportunity. Allow your website to display clear, enticing calls to action that beg to be clicked.

#6 Keep It Simple, Keep It Short

Nobody likes jargon, and nowadays people can tell when they’re being sold. Cut to the chase and avoid lengthy jargon that will drag your website down. Keep your content simple, short and engaging.

#7 Take Your Time, Build Trust

The sale may not happen on the first click, and that’s okay because you wouldn’t want that anyway. Create a trusting relationship with every website viewer. Allow them to see you are a real organization committed to earning their business, not just capturing it.

#8 Make It Secure

If you have an ecommerce element to your website, make sure it’s secure. PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance isn’t an option anymore. Make sure your website is secure. To find out more about PCI compliance standards, visit their official website.

There you have it – eight basic ways to increase conversions today. Work with your website development company or digital marketing agency to apply these principles to your own website and marketing strategies. Stay tuned for more information about conversions and online marketing and contact Vertical Web with any questions you may have.