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Simplicity In Web Design Is The Best Policy

Graphic design is a form of art. Like any artist, graphic designers want their vision to be expressed in every project they complete. An experienced and professional graphic designer will understand that in the world of web design less is often more.

Web design should be intuitive, and should allow your viewers to breeze through your navigation and click on all the pages you want them to see. Your website should also be designed in a way that excites, inspires and intrigues your customer base. Let’s also not forget the most important task of your website: making sure your viewer picks up the phone to call you or fills out your contact form.

Your Website Should Be Beautiful

Business websites should be attractive. Your viewer should want to stay on your website and continue clicking through the pages because they love the content and they love the way your content is displayed. Whether it’s vibrant, saturated colors or high-quality images, your website should be a cut above your competitors.

Your Website Should Be Current

Your website should be built with current web design standards such as:

  • Big, bold navigation and buttons
  • Large, professional images
  • Clear, concise navigation

Beyond these outlines, there is freedom for your graphic designer to experiment and let your personality shine. After all, your website should reflect YOU. However, let your graphic designer use their proverbial and actual editing tool to create a website that is professional and properly reflects your business.

Your Graphic Designer Should “Get It”

When you find a professional graphic designer that get’s it, he or she will be able to work with you to translate your vision as well as display it in a way that’s attractive and effective. You should have ease of conversation with your web designer so they can hear your vision and read between the lines regarding what your business is really about. Your graphic designer should be able to use their editing tool on themselves as well. In other words, less is most certainly more.

Graphic design isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean the end result can’t be simple. Work with a professional you feel confident in to build your website vision from the ground up. The finished product should convey your business model in a way that’s both beautiful and effective.