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Email blasts, newsletters and email marketing campaigns– no matter what you call them, they are a crucial part of your business ESPECIALLY if you operate online. Digital marketers across the board will recommend a regular email newsletter sent to your clients for several reasons:

  • It’s quick.
  • It’s simple.
  • You can deliver your message right to your customer’s front door. Or inbox. Whatever.

In previous blog posts we’ve discussed how email marketing solutions help businesses. You should know a little bit more about how email marketing systems can help you attract an audience, but how much do you know about what to write about in your regular emails? If you find yourself staring at a blank screen when it’s time to write your email blast, here are some tips for writing newsletters:


Your email newsletter should include updates about your business. Have you moved offices? Added a staff member? Gotten an office pet? Any pertinent and professional information is a welcome addition to your regular email marketing campaign.


Reminders may seem redundant, but in a well-designed, aesthetic email you can encourage (or re-encourage) potential and current clients to take part in your business. Find the balance between nagging and encouraging and don’t let your customer base forget you exist!

The Almighty Deal

Everyone loves a deal, and your customers are no exception. Every quarter you should consider offering a discounted rate or reward. Offer a free service or discount if a customer recommends you to someone, or invites him or her to sign up for your email list. Incentive is the name of the game for many successful email campaigns, so consider what your business can offer and provide rewards for business loyalty.

When all else fails, remember that outsourcing your content needs is possible. If the task of writing your own email newsletters is becoming stressful or overly time consuming consider the benefits of hiring someone to write your web content.

Let’s Talk About Email Subject Lines

Every great email starts with an intriguing subject line. Studies show (yes, there are studies on email subject lines) that well written subject lines with certain words will increase click-through rates for your emails. Surprisingly, words like, “free,” “help,” and, “discount,” are subject line no-nos because they trigger spam filters. On the other hand, subject lines that are short, sweet, informational AND useful can increase click-through rates.

In other words, keep your email subject lines AND content simple, useful and entertaining. We’ll keep talking about how to improve your email recipient lists and how to analyze your click-through rates here on the blog. Remember to write interesting email newsletters that inform your customer base as well as offer incentives for brand loyalty.