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Intuitive is a buzzword that used to describe many websites currently being built. It is important that your website be intuitive, but it is even more important to understand what that means and how it works.

What is An Intuitive Website?

By definition, intuitive means instinctive reasoning. In other words, you know what is true because you just know it. How does that apply to web design? An intuitive website will anticipate what your web viewers will do before they even know what they will do.

But What Does That REALLY Mean?

A savvy web developer and web designer will look at current web trends and design you a website that’s aesthetically pleasing and effectively conveys your business message and products. Beyond that, if your website is designed intuitively it will:

  • Place buttons where web viewers are most likely to click.
  • Add calls to action where viewer eyes typically browse first.
  • Place navigation where a web viewer expects to see it.

Viewing a website should be a fluid movement. You don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out where to click next or how the website even works. You want to find the information you need quickly and conveniently. That is exactly what an intuitive website will do. It will be the website you expect to see before you even realize you expect to see it.

In other words, a website that has been designed intuitively will create an easy viewing experience for you. It will make looking at the website simple so you can focus on the information you’re being given. On the contrary, a website that is NOT intuitive will:

  • Compromise structure of the website for aesthetics (it may look good but how do you use it?)
  • Have confusing navigation
  • Force the viewer to root around for the information they want to find first

Building an intuitive website will create a natural viewing experience for your web visitors. For more information about the Vertical Web approach to intuitive web design contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!