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A Look At What Email Marketing Solutions Offer Your Business

Who doesn’t communicate via email? Okay, maybe your great grandmother doesn’t have a Gmail account, but in 2014 almost all Americans communicate through email on a daily basis. Email marketing is the practice of getting your business name, product and message directly to your target audience through regular email messages. In other words, email marketing allows you to contact your target audience directly through their inbox.


Rules Of Email Marketing

Ask Permission

Now hold on a minute, email marketing has a few rules – it’s not the Wild West out there. The most important rule to remember is that you can’t contact anyone who hasn’t asked you to. Consumers have the right to opt in to your email marketing campaign. Many businesses have sign up forms on their websites or through other promotional material (mail-in brochures or postcards) that give customers the opportunity to provide their email address willingly. Without this permission you should not email your customers promotional material.

Be Respectful Of Your Client’s Email Address (And Their Trust)
If a customer or a client gives you their email address, they are also giving you their trust: trust not to share their email address. For no reason should you EVER share a customer’s email address you are given, and you should make this clear when asking them for it. A simple clause stating, “We will not, for any reason, share your email address,” can help avoid and alleviate such suspicions.

Respect The Inbox
If you’re choosing to market via email solutions you also have a responsibility to respect your customer’s inbox. Sometimes one email per month is appropriate. Resist the urge to flood anyone’s inbox. Not only will your message be considered spam, but you may also alienate your customers.

How Should It Look And What Should You Write?
Moving forward with email marketing is exciting, and your customers should feel your energy! Make your content engaging, simple and short. People like to absorb information quickly, especially via email so keep that in mind when cultivating your email content. Promote your business with specials and sales, and try to offer rewards and incentives for opening the email.

Beyond Words – Including Images In Your Emails
An effective way to capture your audience’s attention is through beautiful images. Find an email marketing solution that allows you to easily edit and add professional-quality images to engage your audience.

We’ll post a follow-up article on what to look for in an email carrier because we’ve only hit the surface of what a tailor-made email marketing system can do for you and your business. For now, it’s important to remember that when done correctly (and respectfully) your email marketing system can capture the attention of potential customers and retain the business of existing customers.