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One introduction was not enough! As busy professionals and masters of social media (okay, and even if you’re not), we know that managing your online presence doesn’t stop at emails, CRM, and your basic social media platforms. So, here are some more helpful apps to install in your HootSuite dashboard by integrating them with your existing accounts.




YouTube Analytics ($4.99/month): This video-sharing app conveniently offers the same features as the free YouTube app while also providing detailed analytics. These include video analytics, like traffic sources and playback locations, as well as channel analytics, like viewer demographics, mobile analytics, and subscribers.

Appboy (Free): Track the performance of your mobile app with this HootSuite integration that offers user demographics, app usage data, and performance metrics. You can also interact with your users, view social messages, and see when your app is mentioned on Twitter.



ViralTag ($4.99): This integration might be the most useful paid-for app if you are active on Pinterest. You can view pins, repins, likes, and comments in stream, but best of all, you can actually upload AND schedule pins straight from your dashboard.


Content Generation

ContentGems (Free): ContentGem gives users the opportunity to discover trending information based on a set of specified interests, and this free app allows you to view this stream of content within your HootSuite dashboard. Content comes from a plethora of news sources, social media, and blogs, but note that the free version is limited to 2 interests and 20 RSS feeds.

StumbleUpon (Free): From my experience with this app, you can’t actually log into your existing StumbleUpon account. Instead, this app only allows you to search topics and then displays a stream of related content that can then be shared with you other networks. This is great for generating content and can be helpful in engaging your audience.



Zuum (Free): It can be difficult staying on top of trending topics on Facebook given the nature of search on the site. Zuum allows users to search topics relevant to them and then filter results based on comments, likes, shares, and engagement. Then, for best results, you can share that content on Facebook, or any other social platform.



Shopseen (Free): View your product listings and online inventories on major e-commerce platforms, like Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and even Shopseen itself. Then from your dashboard, promote your listings throughout your social media accounts.

Info Gathering

123Form Builder (Free): Whether it is for customer orders, surveys, or registrations, this app lets you manage and edit forms of all kinds straight from your dashboard. Quickly search for the form that you need and share it with individuals or entire networks.

Survey Monkey (Free): Gathering data is an important part of any marketing campaign, and this free app lets you utilize your social media following to gain that insight. You can view surveys, how many have been started and completed, responses and summaries, and then share surveys across networks to get results.


NOTE: Although some of these apps are free, there could be a fee associated with having an account with the actual provider. Also, scheduling posts within these apps is not yet offered by HootSuite, with the exception of ViralTag’s Pinterest app. So keep your fingers crossed!