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When it comes to managing social media, HootSuite is our time saving tool of choice, but online integration doesn’t have to stop with your social networks. With 69 apps and counting, HootSuite enables you to integrate your entire online experience beyond their pre-existing social platforms.

The majority of these apps are free. Some do require a small monthly fee and all of them require existing accounts with these service providers, which might also require a monthly membership fee. In addition to the directory, HootSuite also offers more detailed overviews of each app and forums discussing current issues, concerns, and user recommendations. I suspect that further updates will address these issues and more apps will be added over time. Here’s a list of featured apps that will help to eliminate another few steps in your daily online routine.



Gmail ($1.99/month): This app features all the major functions of Gmail that allow you to manage your inbox and contacts in real time through your HootSuite dashboard. Multiple accounts can be managed from different streams, but this app does not reflect the new ‘Promotional’ and ‘Social’ categories of your inbox.

Constant Contact (Free): Integrate your email marketing campaigns along side your social media for a bigger picture of your online efforts. This app also allows you to share your campaign with your various networks while also tracking data (who opened emails and what they clicked on) and tracking results (opens, bounce rates, and clicks.)

MailChimp (Free): With all the features of the Constant Contact app, MailChimp additionally provides useful subscriber information. You can view newly gained and lost subscribers, add useful notes about your audience, and lookup subscribers through social media. This app is a plugin rather than a streaming app, which means content can be sent to the partnering app, like social related user information.


Image Sharing

Instagram (Free): This popular photo-sharing app enables you to interact with your followers and easily share pictures with your other social networks from your dashboard. Unfortunately you cannot yet post pictures to your Instagram account through HootSuite. Regardless, it is a convenient addition to keep up with activity through customized streams and share existing content.

Flickr (free): Unlike the Instagram app, you can in fact upload pictures to your Flickr account, but only one at a time. You can also view your images and the images of others through three custom streams: Photos, Contacts, and Search. This app also allows you to comment on photos, as well as share them with your other social networks.



Salesforce ($4.99/month):  Manage customer relationships with social relationships in mind with this customizable dashboard integration. Since it is a plugin, you have the ability to create and update leads and cases based on information from your social networks and send that information to your main Salesforce account.

Simple Sales Tracking (Free): This free plugin is a less comprehensive version of SalesForce that allows you to generate leads from Facebook and Twitter with a few other handy features. With Simple Sales Tracking, you can add details like the warmth of a lead and capture posts associated with leads for future reference.



Tumblr (Free): Keep up with your personal Tumbleogs and your likes, as well as the ones you follow with this dashboard integration. You can also post, reblog, and share Tumblr content with your other platforms.

Blogger (Free): Create and edit posts, view and moderate comments, and share your posts throughout your social networks, as well as email. The HootSuite Blogger app also allows you to add multiple Blogger accounts, giving you the ability to monitor them side by side with you dashboard’s customized streams.



YouTube (Free): Upload, share, search, and view videos in a large format from customizable streams straight from your dashboard while monitoring up to 13 feeds at once. You can also view favorites and subscribers, but other metrics are lacking. This could have something to do with a YouTube Analytics app that they offer for $1.99 per month…

Vimeo (Free): If Vimeo is your video-sharing platform of choice, enjoy all the video sharing and interaction features of YouTube from your dashboard. Streams can be filtered by likes, channels, groups, albums, and videos to watch later.