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What if you could run an advertising campaign on the first page of Google? What if this campaign could be customized? What it says and when it runs based on your customer’s search queries. And what if you only had to pay for these ads when an interested customer clicked on them? This is Google Adwords.


What is it?

Google Adwords is a pay-per-click program where you create custom ads that appear on the top, right side, and bottom of search results pages on Google. Campaigns are set up based on the keywords your customers are using to search for the specific types of services and products that your business offers, as well as by geographical area. This type of targeted search engine marketing makes your business an option to potential customers during crucial stages of their buying decision-making process, and you can promote the parts of your business that they are specifically searching for.  Conversions are the goal—turning viewers into customers.


Two things determine the position of your ad: bid amount and quality score. Behind the scenes of each Google Adwords campaign is an auction-based system where you and other businesses are competing for placement for your specified keywords. Businesses that are willing to set their bid limits higher than the rest will get preferential placement of their ads. The other factor, quality score, is based on the quality of the text in your ad, your landing pages, and the relevance of your ad in relation to your keywords. Once your ad appears for a certain search you only pay for that ad when a customer clicks on it, and that amount is debited from your preset adwords budget. Prices of clicks vary based on how competitive your keywords are, and that’s when you have to decide if it is a good fit for your business.


Is it a good fit for my business?

How much is a potential lead worth to you? If you’re spending $300 on Google Adwords a month, how many clicks do you need to convert to cover that cost? Where am I currently coming up organically when it comes to SEO? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself when deciding if Google Adwords is right for your business. If your average dollar amount of a sale is high and one conversion from Google Adwords would pay for your budget, an effective pay-per-click campaign is most likely a great fit for your business.  Also, unlike many forms of advertising, Google Adwords makes it easy to monitor your campaign and track the return on your investment.   So, ask yourself—how much is a potential customer worth to YOU? 

Once you’ve determined that Adwords makes sense for your business, make sure the campaign is set up using optimal settings  Although, Google has its own recommended settings to run your campaign on ‘auto pilot’, beware because they are the ones billing you! A good digital marketing agency will set up your campaign customized to your needs and your budget, then monitor its activity to maximize efficiency and value. Analytics like CTRs (click-through-rates), bounce rates, and time spent on your landing pages will help to continually improve your campaign, and at any point, you can pause parts that aren’t successful.

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